# nodejs-lib

Standard library for Node.js

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# Features

  • Validation (based on Joi)
  • debug (based on debug) with .warn(), .error() levels
  • env.util
  • zip.util
  • id.util (based on nanoid)
  • hash.util
  • process.util (cpu, memory, etc)
  • lruMemoCache (implementation of MemoCache based on lru-cache)
  • SlackService
  • Secrets
  • kpy, del fs

# Other commands

  • json2env: for specified .json file will create .json.sh file next to it that will "export" all values of json file as environment variables. Will also append $BASH_ENV (if defined) for CircleCI. Example: yarn json2env someFile.json will create someFile.json.sh
    • --prefix will prepend all keys with prefix string, e.g --prefix buildInfo_ will output as buildInfo_key1, buildInfo_key2, etc.
    • --no-save-env-file to skip saving .sh file
    • --no-bash-env to skip adding to $BASH_ENV
    • --no-fail will not throw error on missing input file
    • --silent
    • --debug

# Exports

  • / root
  • /bin cli
    • yargs
    • globby
  • /script
    • exports runScript lightweight function (0 deps)
  • /exec
    • execa
  • /colors
    • only chalk
  • /fs
    • exports kpy, kpySync, del, json2env

# Packaging

  • engines.node: Latest Node.js LTS
  • main: dist/index.js: commonjs, es2020
  • types: dist/index.d.ts: typescript types
  • /src folder with source *.ts files included